ACTIVITIES-  That took place at the April 28, 29, 30th SHIFT Fair 


What's Shifting? View the practioners and Vendors at last spring's SHIFT Fair. 

The SHIFT Fair on  April 29th and 30th, 2017 at the Holiday Inn was a huge success, with 470 fair-goers and 55 Vendors.  We were able to Donate $2,000 to the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta!

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25 Healers/Readers

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Have personal energy healings & psychic readings with some of the best integrative health practitioners,  & psychics from the North-East. Guarantee a spot with your preferred Reader or Healer by Clicking here.

Experience cutting edge integrative analysis and healing tools. See how new healing techniques, meditation, intuition & spiritual solutions can be fun for the whole family—including youth & seniors,  alternative & holistic healing solutions to chronic pain that go along with your Doctor's plan

30 Workshops

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Experience the SHIFT — Get your questions answered, Celebrate in Community. Workshops include:

  •  Fine-tuning your future goals with workshops in career, manifesting a dream, and Achieving personal Peace
  • Use of Essential Oils & crystals in Healing
  • Power Up Your Life with Sharon Klingler
  • Integrative Health Solutions
  • Demonstration of Mediumship, psychic messages for the audience
  • Geomancy & Dowsing to protect your Safe Home
  • Meditation, Yoga, henna tattoos and other programs that Include Kids

30 Vendors
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Shopping for unique gifts and one of a kind metaphysical and spiritual items — easily enjoy your shopping experience

  • Get a Photograph of your Aura!
  • Products that enhance your health & well being
  • Items that promote Spiritual Connection
  • Collections of one-of-a-kind Arts & Crafts for your home decorating
  • Henna Tattos,  Psychic Drawings
  • Gorgeous, hand-crafted jewelry

program subject to change without notice


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