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You may pre-book with your chosen practitioner to guarantee YOUR spot at the Spirit Fest, or just drop in!  When you arrive at Spirit Fest, Reserve your appointment time slot with the Registrar at the Welcome Desk with your preferred Reader or Healer, or tell them you have pre-booked an appointment.
Ally Sutton-Pyle
Jo Anne Wormuth

A session will start with a brief discussion of any areas where you would like to focus healing. During the actual session, you will either sit in a chair or lie fully clothed on a massage table. There will be subdued lighting and gentle music. Energy healing is done by placing hands systematically on the body or by working within an individual’s energy field. Energy healing allows positive, universal healing energy to flow into the body promoting natural healing and relieving stress.

Jo Ann Wormuth experienced a dream visitation by Archangel Gabriel while recovering from a life-threatening illness in 2014.  She came to understand that this visitation was her calling by God to use her gifts as a “Lightworker” to help humanity on Earth.  Jo Ann began a path to become an Energy Healer by completing Eden Energy Medicine Foundations.   She is now a Reiki Master Level Practitioner and an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor.  She is also a Sanctioned Healer with the Oneonta Chapter of the Institute for Spiritual Development. In all her practices and teachings, she strives to impart that true health is a balance of physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Alexandra Sutton-Pyle, Reiki, and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) practioner, has 15 years of experience in the Nursing Field and as an Emergency Medical Technician.  Ally received a clear calling from Spirit, to expand her energy healing work, while on a routine EMT Call,  where she helped to cross over a small child who had died at the scene of  a tragic accident during a Parade.  Ally also recently become a Sanctioned Healer by the Oneonta Chapter of the Institute for Spiritual Development, as well as a wellness advocate for DoTerra©.

To pre-book a healing session with Jo Ann and Ally email them at:

Lillian Browne

There is no topic that is off-limits in a reading with Lillian! Lillian provides intuitive guidance by using a variety of tools including cards, crystals, dowsing rods, a pendulum and a crystal ball on topics ranging from love, career, health, missing persons, past lives or messages from those in spirit. Take a glimpse at future possibilites and learn how to tap into your own psychic ability!

Lillian offers psychic readings through her connection with universal energy as well as intuitive path guidance in a positive, joyful and uplifting manner. Lillian volunteers her time to a local ghost hunting team and is featured in June 2013's issue of Green Door Magazine.

To contact Lillian to pre-book your session with her at this fair email:

Twilight Memories

Marie Inglee

Norwich, New York


Have a reading that combines tarot, messages from the spirit world, and hand analysis for a unique experience in self empowerment. You will leave the reading with the tools and knowledge of what your talents, gifts and opportunities are for a brighter future and happier life!

Bio: Marie is a certified hand analyst through the International Institute of Hand Analysis, is trained in astrology, tarot and mediumship and teaches classes on Divination as well as Hand Analysis both online and in person.Marie seeks to empower each person to find their gifts and strengths to chart their best course forward in life. Her site is, email and phone is 607-316-7563.


Phone: 607-316-7563



Tim Keys,
Milford, NY
 Team Healing with
Sharon Wagner, Bio Below

Offering:  Energy Healing Sessions on the Crystal Biomat

Tim Keys is Reiki Master Practitioner, and Crystal Energy Healer

During a Reiki treatment, Tim’s clients lie on the amethyst crystal BioMat which radiates soothing heat, negative ions and far infrared rays. Tim uses amethyst, quartz crystals and copper rings to maximize the Reiki energy coming through his hands. Tim’s healing capabilities come from a deep desire to help others as well as teaching them how to help themselves.

Tim offers treatments at The Green Earth in Oneonta each Weds and Fri from 11 to 5pm

To pre-book your session with Tim & Sharon, please contact Tim by text or phone at 607-437-1587.  Or just stop in and book when you get to Spirit Fest.
Sharon Wagner
Energy healer, Teacher and Channeler
Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master/Teacher,  Quantum Healer

Sharon will be teaming with Tim Keys to provide Energy Healing Sessions.  Double the energy in your session with Tim and Sharon, two powerful and experienced energy healers. 
Joanna Lipton
Angel Path Lightwork
Angel Medium
Past Life Readings
Doreen Virtue Angel Therapist
E. Syracuse NY

Offering: Angel Card Readings,
Oracle Card Readings
Psychic Medium

Joanna has 35 years experience, in private work, fairs, stores, and universal churches in this field. Her specialties are Reiki healing, past lives, mediumship, crystal healing, angel therapy (via Doreen Virtue), and quantum healing.  Joanna serves on the board of a Center for Spiritual Awareness Church. Joanna is a dedicated lightworker, with over 33 years as a healer, who believes in treating all individuals fairly, and her clients report a high rate of accuracy.
To Pre-Book with Joanna to assure your spot:
Contact:  (315) 708-2238 or Email:
Or just book with the Registrar when you get to Spirit Fest!
Nancy Okker, LMT
Chair Massage

Whether you have muscular issues or just need to relax, you will feel refreshed after a session with peaceful music and no interruptions.  For Chair Massage:  Settle into the chair (fully clothed) and allow this routine of accupressure loosen your neck, shoulders, upper back and arms.  Spirit Fest special rate of $20 (normally $25).

Bio:  Nancy has twenty years of experience in massage and energy work.  She has now opened her own office at the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta.  Clients will appreciate the reasonable rates and flexible hours.  Just call Nancy and she will find a time that works for you.  You may pre-book with Nancy for the Spirit Fest or just sign up when you arrive at the fair.
CONTACT:  Home- 607-286-9084; Cell- 607-435-0306

Jackie Madden
Reiki Master Teacher

Offering:   Reiki Master Teacher/Infinite Possibilities Trainer Offering: I will be offering Usui Reiki sessions. Reiki helps energy flow freely which promotes relaxation, health, wellness and balance. Reiki may be performed on a massage table or in a chair. 

Bio:  I am a Reiki Master/Teacher & Infinite Possibilities Trainer. I offer sessions/classes to adults, children & animals. Gift certificates avail. Changing your thoughts, beliefs, actions help you live the life you want. I offer talks & workshops to groups and individuals to help you to help yourself.
Pre-book with Jackie to assure your spot at the Spirit Fest, or just drop in!
Contact: (607) 437-8276;;
Office:  64 Chestnut St, (Upstairs Parsonage), Oneonta, NY 13820

Diana Friedell
Oneonta, NY

Psychic Readings, Mediumship:

Diana tunes into guidance for you regarding relationship, career, family, health or other issues of importance to you. Diana connects with your guides, or angels, and/or loved ones in spirit for the purpose of emotional healing or bringing unfinished business to a close.

Bio: Diana Friedell, Metaphysician, Minister, actress, and director, received her advanced training in the Spiritualist tradition from Lily Dale, NY.  She has been doing readings for ten years. Diana is a 2004 graduate of the School for Healing and Prophecy through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale. Diana was called to this work as a result of her search for spiritual meaning after her youngest son passed away tragically in 1994.  Diana is available for private appointments, energy healing, meditation classes, parties, phone readings and intuitive development classes.
“I am left speechless and so uplifted after reading with Diana.  I feel stronger, better and more connected to myself.”  A.D., Oneonta, NY 

Office: 41-45 Dietz St, The Lotus Center
Institute for Spiritual Development,
Oneonta, NY;
Call to pre-book and assure your spot for this fair: 607-433-2089

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Rev. Sue Landon

Washington D.C., Oneonta, NY

Offering:  Psychometry and/or Tarot Readings

Rev. Landon is the former Pastor and Director of the Institute for Spiritual Development, Washington, D.C. and is currently the Pastor of the Institute's branch in Oneonta. She trained with Rev. James De Biasio, Bryan Christopher, and Tantra Maat in her psychic skills, and has been teaching and practicing for more than 30 years. She is noted for her direct approach, her humor, and her magical skills on the flugelhorn. "The most astounding reading I ever had," John G.



Diane M Foster

Master Energy Worker

Diane is certified as a Master Practitioner in both Usui and Karuna Reiki® and has also obtained her certification as an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor. She has studied Jin Shin Jyutsu® and is also a certified Metatronic Healing® Practitioner. She is a member of both the International Association of Reiki Professionals® and the Association of Professional Metatronic Healers. She is also an Ordained Minister.

Through receiving Master Attunements in the various disciplines of energy, Diane has developed a Signature Energy Session utilizing all modalities she has studied. This allows her to intuitively feel and remove energy blocks within a client’s energy field, feel and realign energy flows that are out of alignment as well as to see their energy pattern (SoulDNA).

Each session is unique to every client as she connects with their spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, totem animals, past lives and more for the healing of their whole being.

Her philosophy is a simple one...

“To do all things for the highest and greatest good of all, and to try to balance my human ego with my spiritual self so they are in harmony. These things I strive for each and every day.”




Pre-Book with Diane to guarantee your spot or just drop in!


Facebook: Diane M Foster – Master Energy Worker

Christine (Tina) Breslau
Tarot Card Readings

Christine grew up surrounded by Aunties & a Grandmother, all on her mother's side,  who gave impressive tarot card readings her entire life.    She naturally never doubted, and quickly picked up the cards, and developed the intuitive gifts that run in her family.  Spirit continued to put cards in her path, and she states, "I know I am guided by spirit." Christine studied for ten years on her own and then continued her development and techniques with Rev. Diana Friedell.  Christine currently works at Springbrook, and is enrolled in the Ministry Program at the Institute for Spiritual Development.
To Pre-Book with Tina to assure your spot on her schedule:
Or just stop in and book when you get to Spirit Fest.

Kristen Niles
One Card Tarot Readings

ISD Ministerial Student and Sanctioned ISD Healer will be offering One Card Tarot Readings for a $5.00 donation on a first come first serve basis during the 2/10/18 Spirit Fest.  Kristen has been an Intuitive Development student of Diana's for many years and is offering this service in hopes of gaining experience and becoming more comfortable delivering messages from Spirit.​ 
All proceeds will be donated to The Institute for Spiritual Development - Oneonta.

Sara Delafield
Red Feather Retreat
Port Crane, NY

  Spirit Painting

Sometimes, there are no words. There are colors, longing to express what we cannot say.  Spirit painting allows you to take a few minutes to reconnect with yourself,  to bask in the awareness of who you really are.  Spirit painting allows your true essence  to shine through as it is captured in colors, words and symbols and “read”  through love. It is a combination of energy work, artistic expression and psychic reading.

Bio: Sara Delafield, MPA, Co-owner of Red feather Retreat, is an intuitive healer, natural teacher, Spirit Painter and channel.  She works with  body-mind-spirit healing modalities including guided imagery, energy work,  SoulCollage® and others to empower her clients. Her personal path of spiritual transformation led her to integrate her training, education and experience to Her spirit paintings help you to re-member who you are at your core and uncover longing, passion and joy.


To Pre-book with Sara Call:     607-648-9039 or 607-237-5710

Or just Drop in