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Providers at the SHIFT fair get so much more than just meeting our guests, gaining new clients, and networking with other providers — you get truly world class marketing & promotion of you and your products and services!

Vending Prices Include Website Listing of Your Business for 1 Year, or til next Fair

8 ft. table - entire fair- Sat. April 29th, 10-5 pm; Sun. April 30th, 10-5 pm

8 ft. table - Sat. 10-5 pm only

8 ft. table - Sun.. 10-5pm only

1/2 Table- share Saturday only

1/2 Table- share Sunday only

Workshop Presenter or Speaker
No Charge

1/2 Table- whole time

1 and 1/2 Table- Whole Time

2 Tables - Whole Time

2 Tables - Saturday Only

2 Tables - Sunday Only


Provider Acceptance/Cancellation Policy

In the past we have had a very open enrollment that has led to potential vendors missing out on getting a spot as a vendor,  only to find other vendors dropping out at the last minute and leaving vacancies that cannot be filled. It also increased our workload and organization more than three-fold. Vendors who drop out have already been included in the paid advertising and promotion.  As the fair grows, we have developed a policy we feel is more fair to everyone.

We can only hold a table for providers who submit their payment by April 10th. The same providers will receive their bonus web posting, and mention in various publicity releases.


  • before March 24th receive a refund minus a $10 processing fee
  • before April 7th receive a refund minus a 20% processing fee
  • before April 14th receive a 50% refund
  • within 48 hours of the fair there is no refund.
Welcome to the 13th annual SHIFT New York & Psychic Fair April 16th & 17th, 2016, featuring special presenter, Lilydale Registered Medium, .  Applications are now being accepted for vendors, workshop presenters, psychic readers and energy healers!
CLICK HERE for details and to Apply to be a Vendor.

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Provider Application Form — Click here for more info & to complete & submit the form

If you wish to be considered as a healer, intutive/psychic reader, product vendor, or food vendor, complete/submit the application form from the link above.

If your internet access is too slow (or your aread does not have access to high speed internet, go to the Contact Us and we will email you the Provider invitation letter and application