Enjoy more of the Fair with Discount Hotel Rates

Guests & Providers, if you are driving from a distance, we have blocked out a set of discounted rooms for you to stay. Right at the Holiday Inn where the fair is being held.

Holiday Inn

$101.99 +tax/night (regularly $159.99+tax)

Discount is good until April 1st - Book before April 1st

Reservations can be made using the 3-Letter-Code "SHL" at www.hioneonta.com

or call 607-433-2250

To receive the discount, you must use this code: SHL

Super 8

$ 75+tax double (regularly $80 +tax)
$ 70.00+tax single king

includes free wi-fi & continental breakfast

Reservations: 607-432-9505 See hotel pics here
Tell them you are with the shift fair!