ACTIVITIES- What is there for me at the SHIFT New York and 13th Annual Spiritual Arts Fair?


What's Shifting? We have a very exciting line-up of items, updated March 17th 2017!

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25 Healers/Readers

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Have personal energy healings & psychic readings with some of the best integrative health practitioners,  & psychics from the North-East. Guarantee a spot with your preferred Reader or Healer by Clicking here.

Experience cutting edge integrative analysis and healing tools. See how new healing techniques, meditation, intuition & spiritual solutions can be fun for the whole family—including youth & seniors,  alternative & holistic healing solutions to chronic pain that go along with your Doctor's plan

30 Workshops

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Experience the SHIFT — Get your questions answered, Celebrate in Community. Workshops include:

  •  Fine-tuning your future goals with workshops in career, manifesting a dream, and Achieving personal Peace
  • Use of Essential Oils & crystals in Healing
  • Power Up Your Life with Sharon Klingler
  • Integrative Health Solutions
  • Demonstration of Mediumship, psychic messages for the audience
  • Geomancy & Dowsing to protect your Safe Home
  • Meditation, Yoga, henna tattoos and other programs that Include Kids

30 Vendors
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Shopping for unique gifts and one of a kind metaphysical and spiritual items — easily enjoy your shopping experience

  • Get a Photograph of your Aura!
  • Products that enhance your health & well being
  • Items that promote Spiritual Connection
  • Collections of one-of-a-kind Arts & Crafts for your home decorating
  • Henna Tattos,  Psychic Drawings
  • Gorgeous, hand-crafted jewelry

program subject to change without notice


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